Flat Roof Coatings

Wayco services Ltd 10 year system

 Weatherproofing System and Overlaying Flat Surfaces

Flat Roof Coatings, Durathane cold applied liquid roofing system is an advanced elastomeric polyurethane coating, suitable for overlaying most existing roof surfaces, especially developed to solve the problems associated with long-term weatherproofing of flat roofs and guttering.

Because this system is applied cold, is it is completely safe to install, ideal for overlaying most existing surfaces such as felt, asphalt, bitumen, asbestos sheet, fibre cement sheet, profile metal sheet etc., providing a permanent and cost effective solution to leaking roofs

Flat Roof Coatings is ideal for use on many types of buildings: power stations and sub stations, retail units, warehouses and distribution centers, factories, schools and colleges, hospitals, garages and forecourts.