Concrete Tile roof Coatings

Our coating contains insulating ceramic spheres. This weatherproofs the tile, while allowing roofs to breathe. After application, a micro porous skin is formed, which acts as a water barrier (Roof Coating). This revolutionary roof thermal coating  makes a roof look like new and  will protect it for many years to come.


• Weather proof & micro porous

• Resists moss and Lichen growth

• Highly durable, colourfast, acid rain resistance and alkali resistance

• Gives the roof tiles the colour and appearance of a new roof

• Our paint manufactures are a British standards approved firm since 1992

• Quality management system approved by BSI

• Conform to ISO 9001:2008

• Durability Tested: N.B.2000 hours of accelerated exposure

• Equates to 10 years of natural weathering

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Right from start of our roof renovation process to finish, we take care of your belongings and surroundings,  protecting them with suitable coverings and cleaning up thoroughly to make the entire roof repair process hassle free and tidy for you.

Stage 1: Roof Cleaning

The tiles are cleaned by high pressure water jetting which removes all traces of moss, algae, lichen, pollutants and carbonation. The gutters are cleaned from both inside and outside to remove all silt that builds up over time. We make sure this process is done under good care so as not to block any existing down pipes.

Stage 2: Preparation Work

All worn out mortar between crests, ridge and hip tiles are removed and replaced with a new mortar and any loose ridges and crests are re-bedded. Any broken, cracked and damaged tiles are replaced with the same or similar type.

Stage 3: BIO-Fungicidal Wash (not harmful to fish and plants)

The existing surfaces are filled with a biodegradable detergent, which clears any underlying family of mosses or lichens. This prevents any future growth of those unwanted guests thereby preventing underneath spoilage of the finished coating.

Stage 4: Final Sealer Coat – Waterproof Barrier roof coatings

An airless spray equipment is used to apply two coats in the your chosen colour. This final coat reseals the roof completely forming a water barrier repelling any water from being absorbed by the roof tiles. However it does not become a vapour barrier but still allows your roof to breathe.


We carry out a full risk assessment when we arrive at any project, making sure our staff are fully equipped with harnesses and safety gear (as deemed necessary). We use safe Ladders, scaffolding towers or scaffolding to access your roof. Our team are  professionally trained and follow all health and safety guidelines at all times.

No mess – before or after

We have been in the cleaning and coating business for nearly a decade. We take care to protect your garden, driveway and pathways from debris that will be washed down from your roof. All downpipes are capped to ensure that no blockages occur. After the treatment, your gutters, window and doors are all washed down and any moss debris cleaned away. We’ll leave your house looking better than it has for years.

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